"We are all stories in the end, just make it a good one eh?" 

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About us

Goblins on Board are two good'ol friends, Manolis Zachariadis and Christos Giannakoulas, who enjoy to create and design games together.

Our main focus is Board Game Design and Development. We have designed many, many, many games and we were fortunate enough to have some of them published.

In the meanwhile, we continue working hard, designing games of all types that offer a full and satisfying gaming experience to all kind of gamers and game lovers.

Tuesday 29.08.23 - 17:03

New Release: Capt'n Pepe Treasure Ahoy! published by HABA

June the 1st was one of our big moments since it was the official release of our game Capt'n Pepe Treasuren Ahoy! a legacy game for the whole family. Follow Captain Pepe and the rest of Melody's crew in an adventure that unfolds through 25 Chapters, unlocking new components and rules, marking your journey on your map poster and completing your sticker collection in the Loot album!

A Legacy game designed for families and children, so although it is as close as Legacy games for more experienced players, no components are destroyed, the story is easy to follow and in the end you still have a classic board game in your hands to enjoy every time you want!

HABA has done a really great work with the 3D Ship Model of Melody, and of course a lot of good quality wooden components, and supports the game with a webpage exclusively for the game where among others you are going to find the whole story of the game in a professional audiobook format.

We would like to say a big THANK YOU to our editor in HABA, Markus Singer, who really supported and listened to everything we threw at him and for the countless, creative and full of positive energy online meetings we had in order to transform All Hands Ahoy! into Capt'n Pepe Treasure Ahoy. 

Links on where you can find and buy the game will follow soon in a different post.

For now we hope you'll enjoy our game as much as we do!

Christos and Manolis.